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Letters of recommendation

Darko Tresnjak: Tony award winning director and Artistic director - Hartford stage 

I am writing a wholehearted letter of recommendation on behalf of Ben Franklin, Joshua Dean, and their company, 2 Ring Circus.


Over the past few years, I have collaborated with them on the productions of "Carnival!" at Goodspeed Musicals, "The Ghosts Of Versailles" at LA Opera, and "The Tempest" at Hartford Stage, where I am Artistic Director. They have also appeared at two of our annual galas at Hartford Stage and at the EnvisionFest 2012. And I have seen their work in a variety of other venues. So my knowledge of Ben and Josh and their company is rather extensive.

Their work is inventive, intricate, and daring and they can adapt to seemingly any space - from the vast Hartford Stage to the postage stamp-sized stage at Goodspeed.  They are great storytellers and can adapt their aerial skills and routines to seemingly every narrative.

In addition to being virtuoso performers, they are great teachers. I have watched them train aerialists of various levels of experience and saw rapid improvement in every instance.

Finally, they are quite simply the nicest and the kindest and the most patient people on earth.


Darko Tresnjak

Robert Hupp: Artistic Director - Syracuse stage & Arkansas Repertory Theatre

Our new friends at 2 Ring Circus were an essential part of our recent production of The Little Mermaid. They were so easy to work with, and they created spectacular circus choreography that took our production to a whole new level. Our audience, and our staff, loved them. We can't wait to have them back, and we're already in conversation about our next collaboration!

Melissa Rain Anderson: Director

Working with 2 Ring Circus is an inspiring, collaborative process.  Not only are they highly skilled in their specific field on several apparatuses, they all come from a musical theater back ground which makes them invaluable to any cast. On top of their stunning Circus work, they sing, they act, they dance, understand comic timing and enter deeply into the emotional life of the material. They offer a huge palette of skills that they weave seamlessly through specific story telling. They create work that is breathtaking, heart wrenching, silly, whimsical and always glorious. They offer an impeccable work ethic and aesthetic.

Steven Shore: Presenter - Esses Productions

I am taking this moment to express to you how special Ben & Joshua are - as individuals, as performers, and as 'team players.'


They have put together a total, complete, unique, distinctive, and thoroughly entertaining show in "The Ring Bros."...and they perform it with every ounce of talent, skill, and enthusiasm they possess (which is abundant, to say the least.)


An "Intimate Cabaret Spectacle" was what I was expecting in "The Ring Bros.", and is exactly what I got...

and it came with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Every detail of their show is designed to insure that the audience is entertained and involved, which is achieved to perfection. Their passion and joy for what they do is contagious and magnetic, and the audiences feel it and respond to it...with laughter, awe, applause and standing ovations.


The audiences for each of our two shows were completely different - from adults & seniors, to children & families.  Yet, the guys knew exactly who they were performing for, and made each show work. Their attention to detail in show preparation and production, as well as execution, made everyone's jobs easier backstage and throughout the presentation process.


And if everything else isn't enough...

Ben & Joshua were kind, patient, respectful, cooperative, and appreciative to every member of the Tech Crew and venue staff, as well as the presenters and organizers. They took time to shake hands, say Thank You, and acknowledge each person's contribution.

...Pretty solid stuff!


Bottom line, if you ever need a reference or recommendation for 2 Ring Circus and their work...please feel free to offer my highest praise.


Ben & Joshua - and their show - made Esses Productions look good! They are pure entertainment...and pure joy! - and I look forward to more opportunities to work with them in the future.



Steven Shore

Esses Productions

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