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a christmas carol

Syracuse Stage

Archbold Theatre

November 24, 2023 - December 31, 2023

Directed by Melissa Rain Anderson

Circus and Phantom Staging by 2 Ring Circus

Links to the rave reviews of this production: BroadwayWorld,

‘Christmas Carol’ soars with acrobatic, circus-style theatrics at Syracuse Stage.

Who says “A Christmas Carol” has to be done the same old way as long as the “good stuff” is still there? And it is. In abundance.


Chief among these additions is the dazzling, physical performances by 2 Ring Circus, which brings a plethora of kinetic energy to the show representing spirits literally descending upon the psyche of Ebenezer Scrooge (Sam Gregory). Without seeing it, it may sound somewhat gimmicky, but given the mental state of Scrooge, with his past fraught with meanness, antipathy, guilt, and recrimination, this addition augments the confusion the character undergoes. Besides, it’s great fun to watch these trained physical performers at work.


This all-new production invigorates the classic tale with original music, lavish costumes, jaunty dancing and dazzling acrobatics while maintaining the story’s Victorian charm...2 Ring Circus with their lively acrobatics evoke both the magical power of the holiday spirit and at times the ominous presence created by Scrooge’s initial selfishness and greed. Their work with aerial silks and grounded somersaulting alternates between heavenliness and hellishness, but always a constant reminder that this story is otherworldly.
- Broadway World

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