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Events with 2 ring circus

We offer a vast variety of Solo, Duet, & Group Acts that can be tailored for any event or function.  From the Corporate Christmas Party to the coming of age Bat Mitzvah, circus is the perfect way to make your event unforgettable.

2 Ring Circus has shared their talents with numerous companies and organizations including The American Cancer Society’s “Encore for Hope”,  The High Line’s Coach Carnival, Lingerie Fashion Week & have been highlighted in Hartford Stage’s “2012  & 2013 Annual Galas”, featured at AMC Network’s Fall Preview Upfronts, & created and staffed major corporate events at the Hilton New York among others.

FAQ's regarding events

Allow 2 Ring Circus to take your party or event to new heights!  


We can create a specific and tailor made program of performances that can take center stage or simply provide ambient atmospheric background.  Whether you are looking for entertainment for your Holiday party or your bar or bat mitzvah, 2 Ring Circus will supply your event with talented and trained performers specializing in aerial arts, ground acrobatics, contortion and dance.

How do we get started?


Simply contact us here at 2 Ring Circus Productions and we will guide you through all of the particulars in booking either a single or multiple acts or creating a full programming package for you from our selection of production shows.  We have done this many times and will do our absolute best to give you what you would like as long as it is safe, secure and physically possible.

Can you perform anywhere?

As long as there is enough height for aerial performance (minimum of 15 feet) and there is a beam, lighting grid or truss that is structurally sound and up to the standards necessary for rigging, we can most likely do the gig. Also, if the venue is unable to be rigged to, but the ceiling and footprint of space are sufficient, we are able to provide a portable aerial rig for an additional charge. If you are unsure about what your space has to offer, we can certainly help out.  Believe that we have safety at the forefront of all of our performances.  After all, it’s our necks (literally) on the line.  No question or concern is too small.  Just ask us and we will give you the best and safest possibility.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry our own insurance that will protect you and any of your guests should an accident occur.  More than likely, there will be no issues, but we do have a plan in effect should (god forbid) anything happen.  But, don’t worry, we are professionals and it’s supposed to be a little dangerous.  That’s the fun part.

Are there specific heights and requirements?

Every act we perform has a distinct need, but we are very diverse in our catalog of performances.  Just ask and we can give you all of the specific needs for each individual act.

Do you have multiple styles of music and costumes?

We have a diverse collection of music styles and costumes to choose from.  If you want a more traditional circus feel, we can do it.  If you prefer a more Cirque-style act, we have the costumes and music to suit it.  If you want to try something completely different, we can oblige.  As you have heard us mention before, just ask and let’s create something spectacular for you.

Do you perform full-length theatrical shows?

Yes.  We have a number of full-length production shows ranging in casts of 2 to 5.  Many of our shows are designed to be performed in one continuous act, but some are full 2-act presentations.  Scroll through our list of production shows and see which one is perfect for your theatre.  All of our shows are designed to travel and are customizable to many types of performance venue. Electronic Press Kits are available upon request.

Do you have letters of reference?

Yes, we do!  We care very much about what our clients think and make sure to always get a good reference. Click here to visit our letters of recommendation page.

Email us with any questions or concerns:

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