Boys Night

This “All-Male Cirquelesque Revue” is a playful and saucy extravaganza celebrating the art of circus and burlesque in the classic variety format.  “The Boys” entertain the crowd through diverse aerial and ground performances with a wink and a smile and a lot of creativity.  Numerous packed houses have demonstrated that “Boys Night” is the place to be for girls and boys looking for a humorous and slightly naughty evening out.

“I brought no expectations to the evening, so I was even more pleasantly surprised by how hysterically funny, fun, thrilling, and sexy this vaudeville-style revue turned out to be. Featuring four acrobats, one juggler, and a drag queen, the evening was one of the more enjoyable I’ve spent recently.  Keep an ear out for this troupe if and when they return, because it is definitely worth catching.”  -Steve Weinstein, EDGE Editor-In Chief

The Boys are thrilled to announce that we will be headlining one of the nights on the upcoming Atlantis Cruise from Los Angeles-Mexico on the Golden Princess from October 5-13! And the next Boys’ Night at Galapagos Art Space will be November 7th at 9pm.  Tickets go on sale very soon!  Stay tuned!

Starring Joshua Dean, Ben Franklin, Mr. Gorgeous, Jason Mejias & Eve Starr with a rotating cast of guest entertainers.


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