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Based out of New York City, 2 Ring Circus merges the art of circus with the heart of the Big Apple: Broadway. Taking the term “triple threat” to the next level (literally), they take their love of dance and musical theatre to the air to create a polished theatrical experience that is taking the Great White Way to new heights. 2 Ring Circus, founded in 2011, offers multiple tour ready production shows varying in cast size from 2 to 4.  These intimate spectacles play extremely well in a variety of spaces and are custom designed for easy setup and touring. 2 Ring Circus prides themselves on creating “Huge Little Shows” that pack a punch in talent and entertainment while remaining affordable to all budgets.   We also specialize in programming customized circus entertainments for corporate events and parties as well as Theatrical Collaborations and Creations with tope top theatre are the United States. Learn about our Theatrical Collaborations.

We offer 3 Original Production Shows:

Corporate Acts:

What people are saying about 2 Ring Circus and our productions:

Cirque Le Jazz

“Cirque Le Jazz by 2 Ring Circus is a delightful entertainment for the entire family. Part vaudeville, part circus and part “cirque” as we have all come to know it, make for a great theatrical event. The aerial work in particular is exhilarating, and our audiences in Hartford were spellbound.” Mike Stotts , Managing Director of Hartford Stage

“Cirque Le Jazz touches on the ecstasy of flight while never forgetting its lollipops for the kids. What a swell party that is!” Crystal Field , Presenter (Theater For The New City, NY, NY)

“Cirque Le Jazz was an amazing night of wonderful songs and breathtaking aerial work. The audience laughed and gasped along with the talented performers and many were asking why we waited so long to bring them a show like this. We would have them back in a heartbeat and are looking forward to seeing what else 2 Ring Circus come up with.” Michael C. Sheldon, Head of Co-Curricular Committee, Alma College

 A Vintage Affair

“Gape at the aerial antics in ” A Vintage Affair” a circus and vaudeville show.  Five performers swoop and spin through the air on hammocks, straps, silks and trapezes to remixed ’30s and ’40s music.  The 2 Ring Circus production also includes dance, juggling, balancing, contortion and various other gobsmacking stunts by such finely formed figures that you’ll vow to hit the gym on Monday!” – Sarah Theeboom (Time Out New York)

A Vintage Affair” was like nothing our campus has ever seen before. There are thousands of musicians, comedians, and magicians out there, but only 2 Ring Circus can offer this truly one of a kind experience that you won’t soon forget. I didn’t know what to to expect as I had never seen them perform, but I took a risk and the 2 Ring Circus company did not disappoint! “A Vintage Affair” was a phenomenal show with a breath taking combination of aerial acrobatic stunts and traditional circus acts. There was a humorous underlying story with just the right amount of sexiness and edginess to make it perfect for a college audience. The company was amazing to work with and probably the best people I have ever worked with. I have been in student programming now for four years and have been part of close to 500 events and 2 Ring Circus’s “A Vintage Affair” is by far my favorite event I’ve been to. They are truly amazing and a one of a kind talent.  Alan Gibson: Student Programming at Clemson University)

 The Ring Bros.: A 2-Man Circus

They have put together a total, complete, unique, distinctive, and thoroughly entertaining show in “The Ring Bros.”…and they perform it with every ounce of talent, skill, and enthusiasm they possess (which is abundant, to say the least.) An “Intimate Cabaret Spectacle” was what I was expecting in “The Ring Bros.”, and is exactly what I got…and it came with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Every detail of their show is designed to insure that the audience is entertained and involved, which is achieved to perfection. Their passion and joy for what they do is contagious and magnetic, and the audiences feel it and respond to it…with laughter, awe, applause and standing ovations. – Steven Shore, Esse Productions (Presenter)

“Two of the most talented and creative aerial duos that I’ve ever had the privilege of working with!” – Sinan Ulucay (Cruise Director/Norwegian Gem)

“I saw you perform during my recent trip to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Gem and I just wanted to let you know that I loved your show! I was very impressed by the amazing acts you performed and by how entertaining you were and the great contact you had with the audience.  This definitely was one of the best performances I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you for the amazing and entertaining evening!” – Fan Letter from Magdalena Docktor

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